Activities and Groups


Sunday School – We have an active Sunday School for ages 3 through Grade 12.  The curriculum used is SHINE: Living in God’s Light.

Junior Youth – Grades 7 – 9 meet approximately 3 times per month for fun events typically on a Sunday afternoon.Youth

Senior Youth – Grades 10-12 meet approximately 3 times per month for fun events on Sunday afternoons.

Young Adults – meet on an ad-hoc basis, quite often based around food and music!

Women’s Groups – in addition to being a support to each other within the group, each group is involved in supporting the work of the church.  There are currently 5 active groups that offer opportunity for participation to women of all ages.


Church Council and Committees

  • Church Council – develops annual and longer-term plans to implement the mission of the congregation and develops the annual budget and policies for the operation of the church.
  • Missions and Service Committee – identifies needs in the local and global community, develops responses to those needs and promotes peace and justice.
  • Christian Formation Committee – supports Christian education outside of the sanctuary including Sunday School, Adult Education, The Community Well newsletter, and the Church Library.
  • Worship Committee – serves the congregation by supporting the ministerial team in preparing all aspects of a well balanced worship service, encourages greater congregational participation and fosters leadership development.
  • Congregational Care Committee – coordinates and provides a caring response to members of the congregation and gives oversight to Christmas visitations, the visitation team and neighbourhood groups.
  • Fellowship Committee – facilitates many activities that allow people to interact socially with each other.  They organize coffee times after each service as well as the fellowship aspect at many events and concerts held within the church.
  • Finance Committee – assists Church Council in providing governance of church financial matters.
  • Facilities Committee – oversees the physical infrastructure of the church.

Bible Study Groups 

Fellowship Group – this is a group of younger families and individuals that meet on an ad hoc basis for potluck lunches and other events.

Neighbourhood Groups – the church family has been divided into different geographical groups with the aim to help us get to know and support each other within each area of the city.


For further information, contact the church office.